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Some of you may have noticed that there are many posts missing from this site. I apologize about that, but I got some nasty comments from the writers of the patterns “requesting” that I remove their patterns from my blog. I have complied, but I simply don’t get why they all got their collective panties in a twist. It’s not like I make any money off this blog and my Etsy site has been down since my mother died. I don’t appreciate being accused of stealing patterns. I always gave credit and stated when the patterns weren’t mine. I don’t see what the problem is, but nevertheless, and in spite of the mean comments I got from pattern creators, I have deleted the patterns from my blog. I won’t be reposting links to those works as I really don’t want to have anything to do with people who have so little regard for others.


Layette Set For A Baby Boy



My version of Fiona’s Baby Booties. I tried to make the sole according to her pattern, but I either did it wrong or it just comes out looking odd. So, I made my own. Hers are for a girl and these are for a boy so I also changed the colors and the ties. Instead of leaving the ties long, I made them short and tied them like tennis shoe laces. I figured that would be more “boy-like”. I actually found her pattern not too easy to follow. It may just be me, but I’ve done lots of patterns since I started crocheting last August and found that this one is not as easy to follow as some other bootie patterns I’ve done. The easiest pattern I’ve ever done for booties was on the back of a skein of Red Heart yarn. I made those in pink camo and there is a picture on this blog of them.

I also have a hat made in these same colors that I made to go with them. IMG_20150311_130939 IMG_20150311_131000 IMG_20150311_131003Here is the hat I made to match these booties:

I followed a pattern I found on Ravelry called “Bumpy Hat”. I am now trying to finish up the C2C baby afghan in these colors to go with it. IMG_20150318_175610 IMG_20150318_175538


I’ve been quiet for a few days. I had to make a four hour trip with my three year old daughter so that we could find a new place to live and when we got home she accidentally broke my nose.

Anyway, I have a few projects I’m working on right now: I made a hat and a pair of booties for a girl I know who just had a baby boy. I am working also on a matching baby blanket to go with it.

I realized that when I made my kitty butt coasters that I forgot to put the feet on them, which made them look more  like nipples than kitty butts, so I’ve been adding feet.

I also have a friend who has requested another hat for her other daughter (I had previously made one for her older daughter), so I’ve got to get started on that soon.

I am trying to make an afghan for myself in the middle of all of this. I pick it up and put it down depending on whether or not I have the yarn I need.

Pictures to come soon!

“The Reds” Scarfellette with Pink Buttons

Just finished up this beauty last night. I had worked on it awhile ago trying to make it into a wrap. I followed a pattern off the back of one of the paper yarn wrappers. Well, I followed the pattern exactly and this was the result. While it is not big enough for a wrap, it does make very pretty scarfellette. I honestly don’t know if scarfellette is a real word, but I like it and it describes this perfectly. It looks like it has orange yarn, but it doesn’t. The orange-looking yarn is actually cherry red. It’s got three different colors of red yarn in it and one is a really dark fingering weight color changing yarn that my mom bought me for Christmas. I loved that yarn, but I have no idea where she picked it up, otherwise I would have more right now. The buttons look purple, but they aren’t; they’re different shades of pink. I made the buttons to where it can’t be unbuttoned, but you can slip it over your head quite easily. When worn, it looks like a loose choker.

I listed it on my Etsy site last night if anyone is interested in buying this from me. It’s only $20 dollars plus shipping.

Next up: My version of kitty butt coasters!

red scarfellette with pink buttons (2)

Work In Progress: Birthday Present For Mom

shrug for mom2 shrug for mom3 shrug for mom1

I am currently working on this for my mother for her birthday on March 8th. I was going to make an afghan, but I ran out of the Red Heart Unforgettable color changing yarn. So, now it’s going to be more like a shrug. Just wanted some opinions from you all. I’m thinking of putting a soft white colored puff stitch border on it, which will look kind of like snowballs. Also, I found a scarf pin on Etsy that I’m thinking about putting with it to hold it closed. What do you all think? Would this be something you would like for a bday present?


Women’s Peaked Hat

IMG_20150124_184342I am a member of The Crochet Crowd on Facebook and last month they had a challenge to make a peaked hat. This is my version. After I finished it and tried it on for size, I found it to be a bit tight and I also would have liked for the brim to be a bit longer, but that’s just personal taste. The man who did the instructional video for this hat, Mikey of The Crochet crowd has included a tip in his video for how to make the hat a bit bigger. I think I will use that if I decide to make another one.

Here is the instructional video: