“The Reds” Scarfellette with Pink Buttons

Just finished up this beauty last night. I had worked on it awhile ago trying to make it into a wrap. I followed a pattern off the back of one of the paper yarn wrappers. Well, I followed the pattern exactly and this was the result. While it is not big enough for a wrap, it does make very pretty scarfellette. I honestly don’t know if scarfellette is a real word, but I like it and it describes this perfectly. It looks like it has orange yarn, but it doesn’t. The orange-looking yarn is actually cherry red. It’s got three different colors of red yarn in it and one is a really dark fingering weight color changing yarn that my mom bought me for Christmas. I loved that yarn, but I have no idea where she picked it up, otherwise I would have more right now. The buttons look purple, but they aren’t; they’re different shades of pink. I made the buttons to where it can’t be unbuttoned, but you can slip it over your head quite easily. When worn, it looks like a loose choker.

I listed it on my Etsy site last night if anyone is interested in buying this from me. It’s only $20 dollars plus shipping.

Next up: My version of kitty butt coasters!

red scarfellette with pink buttons (2)


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